13 Oct

And whatever comes up comes out/

We dont put our hands on our mouth, I stand for what I’m about/

Unknown but I’m still a soldierCan’t let em go home till I win ‘em over/

My youth was training, its very clearEvery year, new city, new rules to play with (true shit)/

New kid in school, didnt rule nothing / To this day I rap like Im trying to prove something/

Little bit aggressive, when I spit a sentence,Till you get the message/

You couldn’t pay me to quit professin’ / Rock sixty-one sold out shows, came home, and caught a bus to the sixty-second/

Shirt sweated full of work ethic / Been in love with the shit since I first met it/

Rhymesayers is the first to come, last to leave / Ain’t no tricks up our sleeve, this is what we believe